About Project Borealis

On August 25th 2017, a plot synopsis was published on the blog of Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw. The story detailed the adventures of Gertie Fremont and Alex Vaunt, and is now believed to be an overview of the intended plot of the long awaited Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

From the ensuing chaos in the Half-Life community, Project Borealis was formed, a group of fans who decided that if Valve weren’t going to make the game they’d waited 10 years for, they’d have to do it themselves.

Project Borealis is now a 70+ person team of developers dedicated to revisiting the Half-Life series with a fresh new episode for fans of the series, old and new, to enjoy.

Project Borealis is being created on Unreal Engine 4 to give it the updated look that Half-Life has deserved after all these years. We’re aiming to make the game feel just as familiar as long term fans will expect it to, while modernising the graphics and technology. We’ll be posting development updates along the way on our blog.

We hope you enjoy the ride with us as we complete this journey.