As with any game development, free or not, there is a plethora of tools used from start to finish in order to build it, and Project Borealis is no exception. From the Unreal Engine through to basic word processing software, we feel it is important that the authors of these tools get the credit they deserve for allowing access to such valuable resources to aid us in the development process. So here goes!

    Unreal Engine

Behind every game there is an engine, and in our case, we use the mighty Unreal Engine. Unreal was an obvious choice for us, with its free-to-use model, and easy learning curve. This is easily one of the most powerful free tools available anywhere, and it has allowed us to accomplish so much.


Now Blender is one of those free tools that has no right being free. Blender has almost all of the features of a very high-end 3D/animation production software, all for the price of nothing. Blender has proven to be a powerful tool in our arsenal, with almost everyone having used it at some point, and some of our best 3D work being produced in it.

    Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max & Mudbox

Producing industry standard software since forever, some of our artists use Maya, 3DS MAx and Mudbox as their modelling software of choice, as well as our animators, who use Maya to produce high quality animations.


Some of our artists also take another approach and use Zbrush, also an industry standard tool used to produce very high quality assets.


The final 3D software on our list is Cinema4D. The last industry standard modelling tool, we have an artist who specializes in C4D.

    Adobe Suite

Adobe have been producing industry standard software since the beginning. With Photoshop being a must for our concept artists, through to After Effects for VFX, this suite of tools is absolutely essential.

    Substance software

So far, we’ve used all of Allegorithmic’s amazing texturing software in order for us to create the absolutely best quality textures for our game. Starting Designer, and painting in Painter, to using sourced textures from Substance Source, to converting our own in B2M. Allegorithmic have proven to be an essential tool in our endeavour.


The author of this page (Proziac) is a writer himself, and using Scrivener to organise his writing and export it to professional formats has been fantastic for video game writing. Providing an easy to read document is hard to do, but made easy in Scrivener.

    Google Drive

Everyone has used Google Drive, but it has been important for us to store our assets in, and be able to share files around easily.


GitLab has been our Version Control software of choice, providing a nice clean interface, and easy use. Without it, this project wouldn’t be what it is.


HacknPlan has been our project management tool since day one. It allows us to organize tasks, set goals and make sure we meet deadlines set. With a team of our size, a lot can happen quickly, and being able to take control of that has really kept us going


Discord, the number 1 VoIP tool, what keeps us connected. Since this is a multi-national member project, keeping in contact is vital, and Discord allows us to do just that, all for free!